Wikipedia: Print Edition! (The world’s most expensive encyclopaedia)


We’ve come full circle. After years in the making, Wikipedia is now considered to be pretty much “done”. And artist Michael Mandiberg has now decided to offer it as a massive print edition and you can get your copy today for just $500,000.ºº USD.

The entire English Language Wikipedia consists of 7,473 volumes of solid information for the actual content of the encyclopaedia, 91 volumes that hold the table of contents and 36 full volumes for the “Contributors Appendix” (it’s what it takes to give credit and attribution on the Creative Commons license to the more than 7.5 million contributors who have helped to write it).

The entire set holds 5.4 million pages with the latest and most complete information on any imaginable subject. The only physical copy in existence is on display at one of New York’s finest art galleries (because this started as an art project).

Individual volumes of this edition can be ordered online for $80 each. But if you want the entire set, then you might as well buy a few lottery tickets first to be able to afford all the 7,600 volumes.