The top 7 most ridiculously expensive meals


Opportunities abound for anyone in the mood to lavishly spend ridiculous amounts of money. And meals are no exception to the rule… so let’s take a look at some of the most expensive dishes and meals to have ever been concocted.

#7 The Dragon Hot Dog – $100 Dollars


Created by DougieDog’s owner (Dougie Luv), this $100 foot-long bratwurst is infused with a hundred-year-old Louis XIII Cognac and it comes topped with fresh grilled lobster, picante sauce and Kobe beef seared in olive and truffle oil. The restaurant requires a 12 hour advanced notice to gather all the freshest ingredients to prepare it.

#6 The Douche Burger – $666 Dollars


In the middle of this ridiculous burger, you’ll find a grilled Kobe Beef patty stuffed with Foie Gras. Topping the meat is a mix of champagne stem melted fine Gruyere cheese and Beluga Caviar, black truffles and lobster… and everything is bathed in a BBQ sauce made with Kopi Luwak coffee beans. Your burger will be handed to you in a luxurious gold leaf wrapper.

#5 The Lobster Frittata at Le Parker Meridien – $1,000


This gourmet dish is made with 10 ounces of the exclusive Sefruga caviar ($65/ounce), six large eggs, an entire lobster, fresh green chives and fine cream.

#4 AnQi Pho Soup – $5,000


You can find this extraordinarily expensive bowl of Pho at Tiato Restaurant in Santa Monica California – but they require a 7-day lead time just to prepare it for you. The soup is made with Wagyu beef, blue lobster noodles, foie gras and white Alba truffles.

#3 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream – $25,000


This exotic ice cream is made with 28 different cocoas from around the world (14 of which rate amongst the most expensive), then it’s infused with 5 grams of 23 Karat gold and topped with gold infused whipped cream and a La Madeline au Truffle from Knipshildt Chocolatier. It is served in a goblet lined with edible gold sheet and wrapped with an 18 Karat gold bracelet decorated with 1 Karat diamonds and a solid gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate colored diamonds.

#2 Marc Guibert’s Chocolate Pudding – $34,530


If you want one of these, you’ll have to order it two weeks in advance. Chef Marc Guibert takes extra special care to create this masterpiece and make it look like a Fabergé Egg. The pudding is made with the finest chocolates found in the UK and adorned in a gold leaf, champagne, sweet caviar and a 2 Karat diamond. It’s then laced with edible gold and layered with a champagne jelly.

#1 Strawberries Arnaud


This dessert is much simpler to prepare, at least the edible part, and it is sold as a “proposal package” by Arnaud’s in New Orleans. The dessert is made up of ripe strawberries, drizzled in a marinade of spices, citrus, red wine and port with fine french vanilla ice cream. What makes it so expensive is that it comes with a side box holding a 7.09 Karat pink diamond on a white gold ring.