The Secret That National Lotteries Don’t Want You To Know…


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New company is being called: The Uber of Lottery!
Why they are desperately trying to keep this from you.

The days of physical lottery tickets and low jackpots are numbered.

Lotto players all around the country are tired of waiting in line at the corner store just to buy a ticket. They’re fed up with the lack of choices available and sick of the low jackpots – especially when lotteries in other countries are holding large jackpots all the time.

A prime example of this is the US Powerball, which not long ago held a record-breaking $1.5 Billion dollar jackpot. Can you imagine winning such a large prize?

Until recently, the only way you could only play Powerball was by getting on a plane and traveling to the USA to buy a ticket.

And if you happened to win, you’d have to travel again – which may only be worth it for a sizeable prize. Otherwise, you’d either have to just let it go. Or figure out a way to get it through a friend and often pay a good chunk of it in commissions.

Plus, you’d have to make sure that the winning ticket doesn’t get lost or stolen (which happens a lot more frequently than you’d imagine).

Not anymore.

A brand new website called Lotteroo is disrupting the game by letting lotto players from all countries to play the world’s biggest lotteries – regardless of where they live.

Iraqi Man Wins US Powerball Jackpot

iraqThe Iraqi purchased his Megabucks lottery ticket on August 24 through an online lottery website like – a firm that lets people play bets on lotteries from around the world.

The winner has chosen to take his millions in 25 annual installments of $256,000 minus taxes.
The agent, who has also chosen to remain anonymous, said he had an unusual way of picking the winning numbers of 15, 27, 32, 39, 44 and 45.

‘He covered his eyes with his arm, and then poked at numbers in the air,’ Baumann said.
The spokesman said it was perfectly legal for foreigners to play and win prizes on the lottery through a third party.


As easy as it is convenient, this new way of playing you can bet on the outcome of your favorite lotteries and win special jackpots larger than the regular ones. Plus, unlike a regular lottery that gives you a ticket that can get lost or stolen, your entry is stored, secured and monitored on highly-regulated servers.

And when you win a prize you get paid instantly and without any commissions charged, no matter how small or big your winnings are. Getting paid instantly makes winning safe and discreet, and that’s a huge benefit considering the size of the jackpots available.

Powerball is just the beginning… you can play more than 10 of the most popular lotteries from around the world like MegaMillions (USA), SuperEnalotto (Italy), OzLotto (Australia), MegaSena (Brasil), El Gordo (Spain) and many more.

The 3 Top Lotteries

- Price per line From €3.5
- Probability of winning 1:21
- Draw Friday, 17:30
2X Deposit bonus
Deposit options
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Super Enalotto
- Price per line From €1.5
- Probability of winning 1:22
- Draw Saturday, 18:30
2X Deposit bonus
Deposit options
card-item card-item card-item card-item
US Powerball
- Price per line From €3.5
- Probability of winning 1:38
- DrawSunday, 03:00
2X Deposit bonus
Deposit options
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And to make playing the lottery online even more attractive, every new Lotteroo player will get their initial purchase doubled. This means that if your initial purchase is of, say €25, you’ll get €50 worth of credits to play any of the lotteries available.

Huge jackpots, plenty of choices and the convenience of playing from your computer or mobile device are the main reasons why the days of physical lottery tickets are coming to an end.

If you’re not a part of this new online lottery revolution yet, click the button below to register with Lotteroo and get your initial purchase doubled today.

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