SHOCKER: German man (28) Wins $5M in US Powerball, has Sex with 19 Girls to Celebrate!

“My wildest dream has come true, thanks to Lotteroo” said Otto G. shortly after winning the largest Powerball jackpot non-American has ever won.


What is YOUR wildest dream?

We’ve all dreamed about what we would do if we won the lottery… and yes, I’m sure you’d want to make some wise (and boring) investments too. But the really FUN part is dreaming about using some part of the earnings to make your wildest dream come true.

And that’s precisely what Otto G. – a 28 year old from Berlin did after winning a multi-million dollar prize in the US Powerball.

“It had always been a fantasy of mine to have sex with more than one woman at once. And it came true after winning the lottery” – said the lucky winner.

It all started when Otto G. decided to play Powerball (the most popular lotto in the USA) through – a website that enables lotto enthusiasts to legally participate in the world’s largest lotteries without having to travel overseas to buy the actual tickets.

Otto played five times. On the first two, the numbers were computer-generated, and the remaining three were numbers that he personally selected.


The winning combination, Otto said, was one where he picked numbers that “just felt right”.

Otto claimed his prize as a large lump sum and plans to use his earnings to buy a nice home, finish college and travel the world. However, the first thing he did when he got it, was hopping on a plane to Las Vegas to make his dream-night come true with 19 women!

“I plan to be smart about this money and invest a good portion of it… but first, I wanted to give myself one crazy night that I will NEVER forget” – said Otto

This is not the first time that someone from Germany has won a large prize in Powerball – but at a surprising $5 Million USD (approx 4.5 Euro), Otto’s is definitely the largest.

Lotteroo is quickly rising in popularity amongst Europeans as the smarter way to play the lottery. Mostly because you can play from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device without wasting time in long lines or traveling just to buy a ticket.

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